Career coaching for graduates

You’ve worked incredibly hard to gain your qualification; now it’s time to focus on securing what might prove the most critical job of your professional career.  Our career coaching can help you choose the right career path and secure that first job.

On average, we have 11 different jobs during our working lives - your first role after graduation will be the foundation for your entire career.  Our career coaching can help you make the right choices from the start.

Recent press coverage suggests a staggering 83 graduates apply for every single vacancy, so it’s vital your application stands out from the rest.

Using career coaching and working with an experienced, effective coach is no different from engaging the help of university professors to bring results that influence your career; Executive Life Coaching will bridge the gap between leaving university and securing paid employment in the industry and company of your choice.

For Career Coaching for graduates, contact us to find out how we can help you secure the right career and job.

"My coaching with Angela came at a crucial time in my career and I found her advice and guidance extremely helpful in identifying tangible, constructive and achievable actions that have helped me to progress. All I can say is, thank you!"
Sarah Bradbury Manager, European Coordination