How does Outplacement Coaching package help business?

There are large corporations that focus on outplacement. Our approach to Outplacement Coaching is dramatically different - why?  Our outplacement coaching focuses on enhancing your reputation as an employer, not just limiting damage. Our outplacement coaching offers you a flexible, ‘pick and mix’ series of solutions to precisely match your requirements.

  • One to one outplacement coaching or a half-day group workshop that will enable your managers to tell staff their job is redundant sensitively and professionally
  • One to one outplacement coaching or a half-day group workshop that will enable your managers to support people as they look for another job
  • Outplacement coaching or a half-day group workshop to enable those in your redundancy pool to come to terms with the news, and to help them prepare their career plan
  • A half-day group workshop and e-coaching to enable your staff to prepare:
  1. Several versions of their CV to showcase their talents for different employers, and make them stand out as an exceptional candidate
  2. An influential covering letter to accompany their CV.
  3. An enhanced profile as a job seeker using social media.
  • A half-day workshop and e-coaching to prepare those in your redundancy pool to:
  1. Impress in interviews
  2. Gain tips on ability and personality tests often used by recruiters
  3. Succeed at assessment centres.

The price for our Outplacement Coaching solution will vary according to the numbers of redundant staff and managers involved, the location and the ingredients you select. Contact us now for more information.

"Angela provided some career coaching for me as I started to prepare for redundancy. I was so impressed with the help and support she gave me, after a short course of 4 sessions I felt totally prepared to face the next chapter. Angela was consistently supportive, understanding and knowledgeable, she presented challenging new ideas for to things about and gave me a framework for me to develop all of my new ideas and potential"
Deborah Rawlins, Team Manager