Outplacement Coaching to support your business transitions

Sometimes, you have to make tough decisions that affect people’s livelihoods. The economic backdrop and changes in the market mean that there will be times when jobs become redundant. 

Our outplacement coaching works with your outplacement team to protect your reputation, as an employer as well as a brand, by helping you to handle this well. Our outplacement coaching can help you manage the redundancy process effectively and professionally.

  • Telling people their job is redundant is tough and this needs to be done professionally and with empathy
  • You’ll want other managers throughout the business to break the news in exactly the same manner - professionally and with empathy
  • You’ll want to provide the best support for your people once they hear they’ve to look for another job
  • You’ll want other managers throughout the business to give a consistent level of support, at a time when their own teams are shrinking and their workloads increase
  • You’ll want to provide practical assistance so that your staff secure alternative jobs quickly, in spite of the bleak job market.
"Angela provided some career coaching for me as I started to prepare for redundancy. I was so impressed with the help and support she gave me, after a short course of 4 sessions I felt totally prepared to face the next chapter.  Angela was consistently supportive, understanding and knowledgeable, she presented challenging new ideas for me to think about and gave me a framework on which to develop all of my new ideas and potential."
Deborah Rawlins, Manager NHS

For Outplacement Coaching that will help your business deal with redundancies professionally and effectively,  contact us to discuss your needs.