Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching package is designed to help you be even more successful as a Director or Senior Executive. In your role you’ll frequently encounter challenges and responsibilities not faced by those in the earlier stages of their career.  These include:

    • Pressure to deliver ever increasing business results within tighter budgets.
    • No clear boundaries between work and home often putting in extra hours that eat into your private or family time. Executive coaching is an effective tool to help you create and maintain work/life balance
    • Having no time to progress. You’ve already developed the skills for leadership, attended leadership and management training, and are perhaps now looking to further develop your career. However, many executives are so in demand in their present role, few have the time for further management training or management training courses. Of the ones available, none are sufficiently tailored to make the best use of your time. Our executive coaching package helps you analyse and review your training and development needs and we work with you to create and  implement a structured programme for progression
    • Diluted creativity and intellectual freedom. You’ll most probably thrive on the action-orientated, pressurised environment needed to deliver targets; however, this leaves you scant time to devote to thinking, especially around important strategic issues and risks. Executive coaching can help you address these issues
    • Greater responsibility and accountability. Some business critical issues you grapple with will undoubtedly be highly confidential; your working environment becomes increasingly insular. Issues often can’t be discussed systematically with colleagues, which make it harder to gain focus.
    • Executive coaching provides a safe environment for you to reflect and re-focus on the issues that are important to you and your business Having no sounding board or opposing opinion. The more senior you become, the less frequently others tend to challenge your thinking, at least to your face. We use our executive coaching package to help you consider the decisions you are making and  to challenge your own reasoning in a non-controversial way
    • Executive Coaching can help you address any or all of these common issues, as failing to deal with them effectively can have the power to affect other parts of your life, and can seem insurmountable. Executive Life Coaching has over 20 years’ experience of coaching senior management and directors, helping them to regain control of their career or deliver greater results.
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