Developing Emotional Intelligence can have a major impact on the success of your business.

Top people outperform the average by 130%. Emotional intelligence accounts for 80% of this difference.

There is a large body of evidence to show the impact of Emotional Intelligence on all aspects of business results. On higher sales, cost efficiency, turnover, down time, sick absence, not to mention lower incidents of grievances and bullying. To get a free round up of the research showing the impact of emotional intelligence, Contact us. 

So, how can you develop emotional intelligence? We achieve swift and dramatic improvements in emotional intelligence using a range of emotional intelligence questionnaires.

Individuals can make great progress with a self - assessment questionnaire plus coaching. This proves especially effective for executives who are already high performers, who are searching for something to help them hone their performance and take it to the next level. Email us to get a free sample self – assessment, showing tips for developing emotional intelligence.

What if you know a manager who could im prove their performance if they learned from others’ perspectives of their emotional intelligence? Email us to get a free sample 360˚ assessment showing how this raises self - awareness. 

Emotional Intelligence can seriously improve business results To discuss any aspect of improving results by developing emotional intelligence contact us

"Angela is an excellent coach who I have found very helpful in developing my skills and abilities in my current role. She clearly has an in-depth knowledge of her chosen field and in the few months I have worked with her I can already see very positive results. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone seeking a coach particularly in the areas of leadership and emotional intelligence where Angela excels."
Niall Ahern, Head of Engagement - Ministry of Defence