Deploying Our Executive Coaches - A Boon For Busy HR Professionals

HR and L&D personnel often have to find precious time and energy on top of their daily workload, to deal with issues inadvertently created by Directors or Senior Executives focused on delivering business results with smaller teams and diminishing budgets. Are there easier and more effective ways for HR professionals and L&D professionals to achieve favourable employer branding? Would you like to manage and possibly regain some of the time spent dealing with issues such as:

  • High sickness/absence rates
  • Grievances
  • Low morale & motivation, and lack of employee culture
  • Industrial tribunals.

To discuss Executive Coaching for HR professionals and L&D professionals contact us to discuss how we can help you become more effective.

"Angela has coached some of our leaders and partners, she has been reliable, flexible and has received some great feedback. I would recommend and commission her again as a business coach."
Suzanne Walker Business Partner-OD, HR Strategy, Leeds City Council
"The first attribute that comes to my mind and anyone who knows Angela is Professional. My own career in learning and development was made easier and successful largely because of her expert coaching and consultancy."  
Julie Partridge, Learning Consultant