Our executive coaching package

Our exclusive Executive Coaching package means you will be one of just four clients a month to receive tailored, effective executive coaching. In this monthly executive coaching package, you will receive:

  • One two-hour face-to-face session, at a location convenient to you
  • Access to a psychometric tool of your choice and feedback
  • Email coaching support, along with laser tele-coaching – a ten-minute coaching call, between our meetings
  • Access to a wealth of learning resources, to support your development and directly tailored to whatever you are working on that month.
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"Angela’s executive coaching skills are effective: she listens without telling you what to do; lets you talk things through and reach your own conclusions and actions; she gently and wisely prompts when necessary, offering tools to help where appropriate. The biggest difference the coaching has made to my organisation is having a more effective leader with a sensible workload, a managed diary and time built in for staff management, creativity and reflection."
Susie Brown, Chief Executive Officer