Executive Coaching for SME owners

Our executive coaching for SME owners addresses the unique needs that you face on a daily basis. You encounter challenges not necessarily faced by executives in a corporate environment and our executive coaching package for SME owners  will help you deal with them effectively. These challenges often include:

  • The results your business achieves impact directly and immediately on your income
  • Action - oriented, you spend your time and energy working in the business; this leaves you little time to work on your business
  • As a result, your focus is on the here and now, but you sometimes wonder how to shape your business in readiness for retirement
  • Delivering business results means your time is at an absolute premium
  • Work frequently spills over into your private or family time
  • You don’t have anyone you can talk to about business critical issues.
 "Angela is a truly inspiring coach, with the perfect mix of challenge and support. Each session has been a personal journey of discovery with tangible outcomes, clear actions and some true 'light bulb' moments. It has been a real pleasure working with Angela and i would highly recommend her."
Chris Ingram, Chief Executive

For Executive Coaching for SME Owners that will make a real difference to you and your business, contact us to discuss how we can help SME owners like you.