Executive Life Coaching Explains What Coaching Is

Coaching is all about enabling you to mobilise your own internal resources to solve your own problems and achieve your own goals, whether executive coaching, team building or career coaching. Coaching empowers people, helping them understand their potential and how to achieve it.
Your coach will listen and ask you questions, offer support and challenge, rather than tell you what to do or give you advice. Coaching in business typically demonstrates a 5 to 7 fold return on investment.

    • ROI measured at 529% (and an astonishing 788%, when including the financial benefits from employee retention) for a coaching programme, as part of management training programmes at Nortel Networks (Anderson, et all, 2002)
    • The Manchester study (Johnson, 2004) measured a  return of 5.7 times the initial investment for executive coaching; and one to one career coaching produced  an ROI of 100% with enhanced staff retention (Skiffington and Zeus, 2003).

Time spent unfocused or going round in circles is potentially time that could be earning you bigger profits, time in the job of your choice, or time with your family. Coaching helps bring the answers you need from within you, then supports you as you map your solution, step by step.

Whether you’re looking for Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Team Building or Life Coaching, taking action to contact Executive Life Coaching is the only step you’ll make on your own. Contact us now for further information on how the results you’re looking to achieve are easily obtainable when you engage our unique brand of coaching support.

"Angela's skills and expertise has enabled me to enhance the way in which I manage my staff. She has a friendly and professional manner and provides me with the tools and knowledge to increase my own skills by enabling me to think in a different way. I always look forward to our coaching sessions immensely. What an amazing coach - thank you, Angela" Linda Redman, Team Leader, NHS